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Chalice Farms

Chalice Farms has teams of experienced people working every day to ensure that Chalice Farms provides its clients with exclusive premium products and services. Even though the core team at Chalice farms has over 100-years combined experience in the cannabis industry, Chalice Farms never takes the position that ‘we know it all’. At Chalice Farms, we think of our clients as if they are our ‘partners’.



Plane Janes is a locally owned and operated dispensary with One Goal–to be “The Portland Choice Dispensary”. They strive to create an atmosphere in their dispensary with a Portland theme, highlighting many of Portland’s Landmarks, and offering a unique, comfortable, and homey environment to serve their OMMP patients and recreational patrons.


Cola Cove

Cola Cove Dispensary is located on Pacific Highway in Tigard, OR. The building is sleek and modern, and you can't miss it! We believe that presentation is important, so we created a new experience for buying cannabis. The interior is as cool as the exterior, with multiple television sets, a gas fireplace and a live iguana Buddy! You'll immediately feel welcome and alive as you enter the building, so take a break and visit Cola Cove.

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SkunkRx's mission is to provide the best quality cannabis in Southern Oregon. They specialize in indoor grown flower as well as maintaining a wide selection of edibles, tinctures, concentrates and topicals. SunkRx strives to set an example in quality, compassion and education in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Their experienced staff is dedicated to provide exceptional customer service to ensure a positive and comfortable experience to all of their patients and guests.

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Canna Bros.

Canna Bros. opened their dispensary in 2015, committed to serving the Newberg area with high-quality marijuana goods at accessible, competitive pricing. Their founding team originally came from a medical background, and their advanced industry knowledge allows them to be a guiding resource for every customer who walks through their doors. Canna Bros. is proud to offer dedicated customer service, individualized answers, and a vast selection of high-quality products.

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High Desert Cannabis

The founding team behind High Desert Cannabis originated in all corners of the cannabis industry, from growing medical operations to advocacy. After spending time in other marijuana avenues, the High Desert Cannabis team wanted to interact more directly with the consumer, offering a safe place for recreational and medical users to access top-quality cannabis. With grade-A customer service and product knowledge, High Desert Cannabis’ team leads consumers to the ultimate marijuana experience to suit their needs.