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Packaging, marketing and distribution can be a hard row to hoe, this became our motivation for Estaweeda. These expenses can make it tough on farms and processors.

Estaweeda focuses on a joint effort very similar to conventional co-op farming to help pool resources, reduce costs and share in the overall success. Bringing farms and processors together to participate in a common Pacific Northwest brand identity, while maintaining your unique individuality. When you join the Estaweeda family we work with you every step of the way, from design, sourcing, fulfillment and distribution.

You’ll be as happy as a pig in mud with the time and energy you’ll have to focus on your crops, and the reduced cost in marketing and packaging, creating an improvement in profits. Estaweeda hopes to pay homage to farms and processors individual needs and goals by branding their products for the market.

A hard row to hoe: Something that is difficult to do or deal with.

You’ll be as happy as a pig in mud: Very Happy

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