At our core

The Pacific Northwest lifestyle is dictated by climate, land, natural raw material available and the animals, fish, birds, plants, nuts, berries and trees. Since 1880 with these resources, Oregon farmers and loggers have shaped our modern day lives and communities. Estaweeda appreciates these years of hard work, that came with countless hardships.

Today we can wear flannel, climb mountains and smoke cannabis. Estaweeda is a collective of farms and processors committed to the PNW way of life. Elevating Farms is an expression of our commitment to the cannabis industry, and the expertise the farms and processors bring to the table.

Our corporate culture and packaging designs are modeled after the Oregon farmers and loggers as a way to pay homage to their display of work hard, play hard. We encourage our farms, processing partners and employees to embrace this PNW lifestyle of hard work and play.

Our goal at Estaweeda is to build a unified brand, featuring farm and process partners and their distinctive qualities. We embrace and support farmers and processors that work hard and passionately to grow and create quality cannabis and cannabis products. The expense of marketing, packaging and distribution can make it tough on farms and processors. Estaweeda uses a model very similar to conventional co-op farming to help pool resources, reduce costs and share in the overall success. We are with our partners every step of the way, starting with design, sourcing packaging, fulfillment and distribution. Estaweeda is a brand for those who live the PNW lifestyle, who appreciate and support the hard work to create an elevated product.

The Elevating doesn’t stop with our partners, we strive to elevate employees, the consumer experience, our community, and the Cannabis Industry as a whole.