Estaweeda allows for farms to come together and create an overarching brand that is recognizable while maintaining their own identity. Farmers that partner with Estaweeda utilize an established brand to get their product into your stores. When farmers can focus on their crops instead of marketing and packaging, they have the time and energy to grow better plants.

As a result of peer accountability, the cannabis from Estaweeda is among the highest quality in the state. With multiple farms utilizing a collective identity, Estaweeda also has one of the most diverse catalogues of strains available in Oregon. Dispensaries that participate in our programs see profits increase because they get the quality and diversity that our programs provide as well as the reduced cost incurred at the farm level operations, scaling all the way up from farm to retailer and from retailer to consumer.

In true Oregon fashion, you can provide your clients with a local product from a focused farm, all the while increasing the choices on your shelves and stocking quality product at affordable prices.